Hi, I'm Lisa.

Three years ago, a friend suggested I go to her presentation about Lifevantage. I was skeptical, but kept an open mind. She broke down the impressive science-based health products that are as close to the fountain of youth as can be.

My ears perked when she told me about the business opportunity Lifevantage offered and I was sold.

Now I am experiencing the amazing health benefits of these proven products, and am working part-time on a business that I love.



My  Mission

I am 100% committed to educating you about the power of proper supplements and skincare products so that you age gracefully and live forever young.

I believe everyone is unique and customizing a package that is right for you is very important to me. Let's chat about your needs and how I can help.

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"Lisa is a very motivational and enthusiastic person to partner with. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to lend a hand. She loves to see you succeed! I would highly recommend her as a business partner."


My  Story

At the young age of 51, my mother suffered a brain aneurysm. It came as a shock because she was healthy and fit with no previous conditions. At the age of 61, she suffered another and it was fatal.

The loss of my mother opened my eyes to the unknown. Although we cannot predict what our future holds, we can for sure set ourselves up to be the healthiest we can be.


I have since been on a journey of health and vitality, aging with grace and changing my mindset about "growing old." I take control of my health and body everyday and prioritize my wellness. I want to be my best self everyday, and be there for my children and grandchildren.

On top of that, I am dedicated to spreading this product knowledge with the world. In doing so, I was able to build a business that supports my retirement goals without keeping me tied to a desk all day long. 

I have never been more grateful for an additional income than now. If you are interested in learning more Click Below.


What I Would Do If I Were You...

If you are ready to set yourself up for success and start using products that are scientifically proven to help your body age slower, I really encourage you to reach out and book a one-on-one consultation with me.

I'd love to chat more about the results I feel every single day and help you write your story of health and wellness.