3 Ways to Make Your Shopping Experience BETTER

From personal experience, I know that shopping for clothing that looks good, feels good and that is age-appropriate can be overwhelming. It’s hard to stay current and follow fashion trends that work for my body type and allow me to be comfortable at the same time.

When I go shopping I want to make sure I get home with pieces of clothing that a) go really well with my current wardrobe, b) look good on me and c) make sense for my lifestyle. Do you feel the same? HERE are 3 WAYS YOU CAN DO JUST THAT! 1. Before you leave your house, take an inventory of what you have. I like to bring a few of my favorite items that may need a refresh or could be transitioned into the next season. 

2. When you go into a store, take a look at the staff which are often wearing the clothes they sell. Check out the other women shopping and coming out of the change rooms. If you don’t want to look like them leave the store.  It's important to find a store that suits your vibe.  If you don't want to look like an old lady don't shop in an old lady store.  My favorite boutique's are in the city in which I live. It  makes it easy for me to visit it regularly especially when they have a great SALE. Everyone loves a sale! 

3. Ask for help! Trust me, I've worked in retail fashion and owned my own boutique for many years and the staff want to serve you. They want to find the best items that compliment your body and style preference so you feel happy leaving their store.  Know that the owner of your favorite boutique shops for you, her customers. She's the expert at bringing you current fashion.   There is a tricky balance between trying too hard to look young and staying fashionable.  They are the experts, trust them to guide you in the right direction.  We all just want to look and feel out best and a great wardrobe is a huge part of feeling great every day. 

I hope after reading this you understand how your shopping experience can be better than an overwhelming guessing game. If you liked this Blog Post and want to stay up-to-date on posts from me, JOIN MY EMAIL LIST and be the first to know whenever I hit publish! 


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