Slow Down Your Skin's Aging by Giving it What it Needs

Did you ever think about your skin as being the largest organ in your body!

I know! I hadn't given it much thought over the years either.

Our skin has a pretty big job to do as it's the first line shield against external threats.

Can you imagine the work our skin has to do every day?

It regulates our body temperature

It protects us from burning ourselves or freezing.

It protects our organs from organisms, radiation, chemicals.

It's a vitamin D synthesis which means the skin is responsible for producing vitamin D during exposure to sunlight.

It's a sign of our inner health and nutritional state. And on top of all that work, we expect it to look good too!

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded by stresses that accelerate the ageing process.

Bad diet, medication, pollutants, sun exposure, drastic temperature changes, alcohol, toxins, pesticides, smoking and even vigorous exercise can all take a toll on our skin.

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Wrinkles, lines around your eyes, puffiness, sagging jaw, sunspots, discoloration, dullness or lackluster skin?

I get it , that's what I saw too .

These are all signs of ageing.

But it's not all done and gloom. There are ways to slow down the ageing process. Here are just a few tips..


Here's a few foods that are healthy for our skin:

Carrots, yellow peppers and other yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.

Spinach and other leafy greens, seeds and beans,

Tomatoes, berries, nuts, salmon and other fatty fish. (Try a good quality fish oil.)

These foods promote good health overall.

DRINK WATER Hydration is also so important. So drink your daily amount of water. (I love using free apps that will calculate this for you)

HAVE A SKINCARE ROUTINE Activate your skin by doing a facial or facial scrub once a week.

Use clean skincare products to reduce the toxins going into your system. Which means check the label ingredients. If it has the words...

Parabens, Phthalates, Heavy metals, Talc, Sulfates, Petroleum, artificial colors and dyes don't buy it.


It's not always easy but it's important to prioritize your sleep. Experts say that 8 hours is good.

If you would like to chat about your own skincare with me, send me a message HERE or direct message me on Instagram @lisajohnstonlive. You can ask me about your main concerns, what I would do if I were you the products I would recommend.

Love your skin.

Lisa Johnston Anti-Aging Expert

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