The Easy Way to Find Out How Clean Your Products Are

Have you ever wondered what’s really in your personal care products?

There are hundreds of products in the market right now all promising the same thing...but with hidden toxins and ingredients, how do you know you’re making the cleanest choice for you, your family, and environment?

Easy - use my favourite app Think Dirty!

It’s quick and free - just search or scan in any personal care product to instantly get an up to date toxin score (the lower the score the better) before making any purchases. No research required!

When I first discovered the app I was surprised to see that some of our household favourites ranked really high for toxins! But, when I searched my Lifevantage products I was thrilled to find out how low they ranked - woo hoo!

Now, I will never buy another product before checking Think Dirty.

And, another bonus, I don’t even need to bring my glasses to read the labels anymore!

The Think Dirty app has done all the toxin research for you, you get an instant score on any personal care product, it saves you so much time and potential hassel, and it’s so much fun! You’ll love it!

Download the app here, look up your favourite skin care products and let me know how they ranked in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Lisa J #cleanskincare #thinkdirty

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